Nearly half of Israeli Jews say Arabs should have to leave Israel

Israeli Jews want a Jewish state

A major new survey by Pew Research Center has found that nearly half of Israeli Jews say Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel, with approximately one in five strongly agreeing with this position.

The survey asked Jews whether they strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with the statement that “Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel.” Roughly half of Israeli Jews strongly agree (21%) or agree (27%), while a similar share disagree (29%) or strongly disagree (17%).

Where Jews place themselves on the political spectrum is strongly correlated with their views on the expulsion of Arabs. Among the 8% of Jews who say they lean left, an overwhelming majority either disagree (25%) or strongly disagree (61%) that Arabs should be expelled. By contrast, roughly seven-in-ten of those on the political right agree (35%) or strongly agree (36%) that Arabs should be expelled or transferred.

The survey also shows that roughly eight-in-ten Israeli Arabs (79%) say there is a lot of discrimination in Israeli society against Muslims, who are by far the biggest of the religious minorities. On this issue, Jews take the opposite view; the vast majority (74%) say they do not see much discrimination against Muslims in Israel.

Read the full report Israel’s Religiously Divided Society from Pew Research Center here

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