39% reduction in seizures for children on marijuana based medicine

cannabis leaf

GW Pharmaceuticals has announced the results of the first of four trials with marijuana extract drugs it is conducting in the United States. In the phase 3 clinical trial, the marijuana-based drug Epidiolex significantly reduced seizures in children with Dravet syndrome – a rare form of genetic epilepsy with particularly prolonged or frequent seizures.

For the trial, researchers gave 120 patients either Epidiolex (made from cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating extract) or a placebo, in addition to other anti-epileptic drug treatments. The participants were an average of 10 years old, and 33 percent were under age 6, and the children had a median 13 seizures per month.

The researchers report a 39 percent reduction in seizures for children on Epidiolex, with results seen after about a month of treatment.


The results add scientific credence to a treatment that has commonly been used for several years but largely unsupported by clinical trials.

Read the full press release from GW Pharmaceuticals here