United States Accounts for a Third of Global Arms Sales

Global Arms Sales

Who are the biggest arms exporters in the world?

According to the latest figures from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), the United States was the major global arms sales supplier by a significant margin in the last 5 years, accounting for around 33% of sales. Its major customers are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Russia is the second major supplier, with 25% of sales, mainly to India and China.

China, France and Germany round out the top five countries behind global arms sales, these five combined accounting for 74%.

The five biggest importers of arms in 2011-15 were India, Saudi Arabia, China, the UAE and Australia, who together accounted for some 34% of all global arms purchases.

The volume of international transfers of military weapons in the last 5 years was up around 14% over 2006-11.

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