Less than a third of US women are feminist



How many people in America are feminists?

According to the latest research from YouGov, just over a quarter (26%) of Americans call themselves feminist, while the majority (53%) say that they are not feminists. 32% of American women are feminist in contrast to just 19% of men.

Those under 30 and over 65 are the most likely to call themselves feminists at 30% and 27% respectively. However, the over 65’s are also the most likely to categorically state they are non-feminists at 62%. Hispanics are the most likely racial group to call themselves feminist at 32%, while whites have the highest percentage of categorically non-feminists at 55%. With regards to political affiliations, 41% of Democrats are feminists, while 37% are definitely not, compared to the 12% of Republicans who identify as feminist and the 71% who are definitely not.

The most common choice among the given reasons for not being a feminist, was that ‘feminists are too extreme’ (40% of non-feminists). The other choices were that ‘feminists are anti-men’ (18%), and ‘men and women are not equal’ (11%). However, given the limited and arguably loaded choice of questions, it’s not unsurprising that the second highest choice of reason was ‘none of these’ (31%).

Interestingly, when looking at the most extreme response for being a non-feminist (‘men and women are not equal’), women and Democrats were more than twice as likely as men and Republicans to cite this reason.

26% of the US consider themselves feminist

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