75% of Vaccine-Related Posts on Pinterest Are Anti-Vax

Vaccine related pin from pinterest

75% of vaccine-related posts on Pinterest are negative towards vaccination, according to research published in Vaccine.

The study from  Virginia Commonwealth University shows that 75% of all vaccine-related pins are negative – a significant increase from similar earlier studies, specifically mid-2000s, analyses of content on MySpace and YouTube which revealed that vaccine-related posts were negative just 25% of the time.

Anti-vax messages ranged from simple posts questioning the safety of vaccines to more radical claims that they are being created to kill people. 20% of the posts talked about conspiracy theories, such as pharmaceutical companies out to make money at the expense of children and governments trying to harm children for the purposes of population control.

Read the press release on the research from Elsavier here: Most Vaccine-Related Posts on Pinterest Are Anti-Vaccine, Reveals Research