Newspapers increasingly focus on mindless gossip, but their readers want real news

Research suggests social media users don’t always agree with newspaper editors about which topics are the most important, an article in the academic journal Journalism Studies reveals.

His results show significant differences in the topics emphasised by newspaper editors and social media users. While users of social media platforms favour sharing opinion pieces, along with national, local and world news, the editors themselves emphasised sport, the economy, entertainment and celebrity stories.

“The results show that social media users express a preference for a subset of content and information that is at odds with the decisions of newspaper editors regarding which topic to emphasise,” researcher Marco Toledo Bastos observes.

This article is a fascinating insight into one of the consequences of our gradual transition from print to online news. It also shows how technology has changed, and will continue to change, how we consume, comment on and share news.

Read the full article here: Do you always agree with the topics newspaper editors choose to cover? — ScienceDaily.